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Updated: 27 Nov, 2018 November 26, 2018

How to Setup a .Tech Domain from Get.Tech to Blogger with Ease:

1. The first step, please go to Blogger Dashboard and choose which blog will be paired domain (if have more than 1 blog). After that please select Settings menu> Basic / Settings> Basic, on Publications > Blog Address please you click Prepare Third Party URL, then enter the domain name you registered earlier. Do not forget to use the www at the beginning of the domain name.

2. Next visit https://controlpanel.tech, then log in using the account you registered earlier used to register the domain

3. After login, select List / Search Orders contained in Manage Orders menu

4. A List of available domains, please click on the domain name you registered earlier (the red box in the top image)

5. Before we go to DNS Management, we should activate the first feature Theft Protection for our domain to be safe from domain theft or domain taken over by others

6. If you have enabled Theft Protection, the next step is to click DNS Management on the right side bar or scroll cursor down then select Manage DNS

7. After you click Manage DNS it will popup to set the DNS as shown below

In the A Records menu bar, click Add a Record and fill it as below

Host Name: //empty it

Destination IPv4 Address:
(Align properly the IPv4 Address)

8. After creating A Record, next we go to CNAME Records menu and create new Records by clicking Add CNAME Record

9. Next you need to enter Name and Value. For the Name field please fill with www (red box 1) and red box 3. As for the Value please select radiobuton to-2 (Type in A fully ...) then fill with the listed in red box 2 and red box no 4. Remember to fill out the Name and Values ​​individually or re-create it: D do not combine the two together, the Namenya example is filled with the 1st label (www) and the 2nd label simultaneously.

10. After already fill A Records and CNAME Records please close the Manage DNSnya popup, do not worry Records are filled is not stored because after we add the Records it saved directly

After all the process is complete, please go back to setting Blog Address in Blogger Basic Settings then save with domain name after we register DNS. If there is still an error "We can not verify your authority for this domain." please wait 10 minutes - 2 Hours. Because domain hosting takes time to connect it to blogger

Quite so for How to Set Domain .Tech from Get.Tech to Blogger with Easy, if again-again still have error when setting domain please check one by one from above step, whether there is error or not when setting domain from get. tech to blogger. Hopefully this article can help all agan who might have difficulty in installing this .tech domain. Thank you: D...

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