Phishing Hacking Games Garena, COC, Steam, Facebook, Lite Site Pack

Updated: 27 Nov, 2018 November 26, 2018
Phishing Hacking Site Pack

Clash of Clans Phishing Site

Facebook Phishing Site ( Facebook HD )

Facebook Lite Phishing (browser edition)

Garena Phishing Site

Steam Phishing Site

How to use
1) First of all, you must first register with webhosting
Sites like http://www.000webhost.com & http://www.hostinger.ph and more, just few example of the free hosted web hosting site.

1.1) When the 000webhost captcha verification has deceived [you are right but it's wrong
(Which often happens)] You just have to access your browser's data & cache as well
Also, cookies, but still have been used by other browsers, would be better if
First try your entire pc with some maintenance like ccleaner, but
If you still do not try to use mobile to register, if not still and
You're really hard on the 000webhost to use another pc, if you do not
At that other hosting sites you just like http://www.hostinger.ph and many more.

2) Ready to setup the files here in the archive so you can do nothing
And you have an instant phishing site, but if you can change and want to
You can still improve it. Just open as files notepad to open phishing file.

3) So we are, we have an account at http://www.000webhost.com and
Verified account, just go to the phishing na cpanel and go to the file manager.

3.1) By examining an account with the unknown simply open the email
Account nyu (the email was posted to the registration syemperd) and there is a view
You message, just open and read and click the link for verification
Account, and * Tada! * Ok your account so proceed with the next step.

4) When you enter the file manager you enter Public_Html, that folder
So it's clickable, do not be afraid to press, when you get there you will upload it
Now your files / phishing. And that's with instant phishing.


- Make sure that the flaskers should be folded in order not to break
Phishing works, such as image folders, css folders, and js folders, more
It's good to upload your archive (.zip)

- I'm so excited to know that I also have one phishing per domain
For example, you have uploaded FB HD to a domain (file manager),
Do not upload another phishing to the same file manager, yes it is
But your URL will be down because of the different phishing in the domain,
You just create another domain and you can insert another phishing you want.

- By uploading a zip zip make sure that the file is not in the folder that's in it, easily
I said I opened the file that I should have the files and not
"Facebook Phishing FbHd" folder and files in the middle, your URL will go because that,
If your sub-domain is fbnewhd.sohotel.com, that would be fbnewhd.sohotel.com/FacebookPhishingFbHd.

- In phisher.txt you can see the emails & passwords of your victims. ;)

It's just that simple. :) Happy phishing. : V

- http://philippinecyberhacking.simdif.com/ site!